Our Fleet

Grand canyon Tour - Sprinter

Sprinter - (Seats 14)

Amazing Group Comfort
Spend Over $2200 Elsewhere
Grand Canyon Tour - Airstream

Airstream - (Seats 8)

Our Rolling Resort

Airstream is Internationally respected for the quality and luxury of their trailers and motor coaches.

Grand CAnyon Tour - Ford Transit

Transit - (Seats 8)

Wide Comfortable Seats
Over $1500 Elsewhere

Our Transit is unlike anything found in Arizona.  Built for ultra comfort, it’s perfect for small families.

Maybach - (Seats 3)

Reclining - Massage Seats
Ultra-Luxury Sedan

The S600 Maybach is Mercedes Benz’s answer to the Rolls Royce and Bentley ultra-luxury vehicles.

Grand Canyon Tour - GMC Denali

GMC Denali - (Seats 6)

Loaded Luxury SUV
Spend Over $1500 Elsewhere
Grand Canyon Tours Cadillac XTS

Cadillac - XTS (Seats 3)

Incredible Rear Legroom
Small Group Private Luxury Option

While many tour companies focus on filling seats, and utilizing larger vehicles; our focus is luxury. All of our vehicles are what you'd expect in a premium vehicle. Leaving from the Phoenix area, you're going to spend hours getting to the Grand Canyon. Our Goal? To make the drive as comfortable as possible.

Mercedes Airstream Interstate Lounge (Seats 8)

Grand Canyon Tour - Airstream

The Airstream Interstate Lounge is rapidly becoming our most popular tour vehicle for groups of 2 to 8.


Since offering the Lounge as an option, our Guests rave about the tremendous value of the amenities (bathroom/kitchenette); especially on our longer day tours.  It’s as if you’re taking a 5-star resort on the road.  By design, there’s no lack of 1st Class comforts in our Airstream Lounge.

Mercedes Luxury Sprinter (Seats 14)

Grand canyon Tour - Sprinter

Seats 14 in First Class Comfort

Custom made for our unique and ultra personalized private tours.  Each leather seat reclines and has an incredible amount of legroom.

Summer heat in the Southwest is a HUGE challenge for any vehicle.  Our custom Mercedes Sprinter was built to beat the heat.  Our AC unit is the largest unit that can fit on a van this size.

Ford Transit "Explorer" Limited Custom (Seats 8)

Grand CAnyon Tour - Ford Transit

Seats 8 in ULTRA comfort.  Our Ford Explorer “Limited” van’s are the #1 choice for groups of 4-8. 

With five (5) super wide and comfortable captain seats, the miles glide by.  The rear couch seats 3 comfortably and all seats have a great view of the TV.

If you’re looking for a bit more room than what our SUVs offer; our luxury van is the ideal choice.

GMC Yukon Denali XL (Seats 6)

Grand Canyon Tour - GMC Denali

SUV’s are the workhorses within the transportation industry.  Able to carry six (6) passengers comfortably; groups 3-6 find our SUV’s the ideal choice.  All luxury appointed, featuring the latest in modern technological conveniences.

LUGGAGE:  With the option of flipping down the rear seats, our SUV’s have the ability to carry up to 10 large bags.  With all seats up, 6 full-size suitcases, and 4 standard carry-on bags.

Mercedes "Maybach" S600 - (Seats 3)

Rolls Royce, Ghost.  Bentley, Mulsanne.  Mercedes, Maybach

Each of these vehicles are Internationally known as the “Ultimate, no expense spared Luxury Sedans”.

Why the Maybach?

While the Rolls Royce and the Bentley offer incredible traveling experiences; it’s the Maybach’s attention to the rear passenger that sold us. 

When you settle into the rear seat, you immediately understand you’re sitting in something very, very special.  Whether it be the;

  • Reclining rear seats(After using them, standard rear seats are forever ruined)
  • Raisable leg extensions(Who doesn’t like to put their feet up?)
  • The extra 8″ of legroom(Over standard S-class)
  • Multiple body massage modes (Great after an active day)
  • Heated/Cooled seats(Summer in Arizona/No problem)

Your body has no choice but to relax.

The Mercedes Maybach is described by automotive experts (not us), and the “private jet of the roadway”.

Cadillac XTS - (Seats 3)

Grand Canyon Tours Cadillac XTS

You’re going to LOVE the soft, comfortable ride of our Cadillac XTS Sedans.  Quiet on the inside, with an industry leading 40″ of rear legroom, you’re going to be able to stretch out and enjoy the day.

Our Sedan’s are quickly becoming the most popular choice for couples looking to maximize their Grand Canyon adventure.

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Helicopter Tour Option

Will appear as option @ checkout

Our Advantage – We tailor your helicopter tour around your ground tour, MAXIMIZING your experience.

Our Approach – Todd setout to perfectly blend the ground tour with the helicopter adventure, making BOTH BETTER.  

We’ve discovered that by seeing the remote overlooks FIRST (East end of the National Park), it elevates your helicopter flight to yet another level.  Now when your Pilot points out a landmark below, we’ve already seen it from the ground.

We actually modify your ground tour to heighten your helicopter tour experience.  Rather than go into the Park through the busy South entrance, we’ll swing around the East entrance.  Starting at the East entrance allows us to start with the remote overlooks, ending at the Grand Canyon airport.

The Other Guys – The odds are someone in your mixed group isn’t doing the helicopter tour, tossing a wrench in everyone’s day.  You’ll be dropped off at the airport, while the rest go into the park.  Both groups end up waiting, wasting valuable time.

Sunset and Stargazing Option

Will appear as option @ checkout

The National Park Service has announced that the Grand Canyon National Park has officially received its International Dark Sky Park certification. 

Our Approach – We adjust our pick-up time, so you leave later.   

SUMMER: From the Phoenix area, Approx. 1PM pick-up (rather than 7AM), 12:30AM return.  Sedona area, 3PM (rather than 9AM), 11:30PM return.  

WINTER:  From the Phoenix area, Approx. 11AM pick-up (rather than 7AM), 10:30PM return.  Sedona area, 1PM (rather than 9AM), 11:30PM return.  

todds amazing tours arizona toursDeparture times VARY throughout the year.  We will contact you by email with your actual departure time.

While there are several places to take in the dark, glowing sky, we focus on the more remote overlooks.  Typically, they’re less crowded.

While the entire Park is “Dark Sky” certified, we’ve found that the further away from the historic village, the better.  Many of the remote overlooks don’t have a light bulb within 20 miles.  However, it’s incredible the intense glow that can emanate from a cell phone… 

The remote overlooks offer seclusion, which is perfect for stargazing.

The Other Guys – Simply, most tour companies don’t offer a tour after dark.  Also, the mixed group tours depend on “seat volume”.  Simply, filling seats.  While AMAZING, most visitors want to go during the day.

Of course your family/group isn’t restrained by these limitations.