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Grand Canyon Group Photo with Todd
Todd - Red Shirt

Todd – Founder/Owner

Todd entered the US Army out of high school in 1985, and was stationed in Germany for four years.  Obtaining a Top Secret clearance, Todd’s main mission was the defense of USA’s nuclear arsenal.

Coming home in 1989, Todd was hired by a local police department as a sworn officer.

In 1999 Todd made the leap to business owner, opening a local and online motorcycle retail store.

Selling his company after 12+ highly successful years, Todd took some time off before diving into the World of private transportation.

SAFETY– There’s also something a little scary about jumping into a strangers car.  While each of us want to the think the best, it’s still a bit intimidating.  You can set your mind at ease when you use Todd’s Private Car Service & Amazing Tours.  Our Drivers have extensive background checks, are professionally trained, and understand that their job is critical.  100% of the time, your safety is a top priority.

Whether you’re looking for a safe ride, or a safe ride for your wife, child, or friend, Todd’s Private Car Service & Amazing Tours is a great choice. 

PLEASE – Feel free to give us a call, or shoot Todd an email if you have ANY questions about our service.  We truly care, and want your next experience to be AMAZING.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – Like Todd, former Law Enforcement officers are heavily recruited.  Each are highly trained drivers, and understand the importance of keeping passengers safe.  If a situation was to arise, former Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) are trained to handle just about anything.  A HUGE comfort to our Riders. 

MILITARY VETERANS –  Again, it’s about placing our riders into a vehicle with a trained professional, and a person of honor.  Veterans take their job very seriously, and each enjoys helping our Riders get where they’re going, safely.

In a PERFECT World, bad things never happen to good people.  We go about our days taking our safety, and the safety of our families, for granted.  As if we’re bulletproof, or somehow immune.

WE LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE –  If  our CLIENTS are involved in a horrifying encounter, our DRIVERS have the training to make a difference.

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Helicopter Tour Option

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Our Advantage – We tailor your helicopter tour around your ground tour, MAXIMIZING your experience.

Our Approach – Todd setout to perfectly blend the ground tour with the helicopter adventure, making BOTH BETTER.  

We’ve discovered that by seeing the remote overlooks FIRST (East end of the National Park), it elevates your helicopter flight to yet another level.  Now when your Pilot points out a landmark below, we’ve already seen it from the ground.

We actually modify your ground tour to heighten your helicopter tour experience.  Rather than go into the Park through the busy South entrance, we’ll swing around the East entrance.  Starting at the East entrance allows us to start with the remote overlooks, ending at the Grand Canyon airport.

The Other Guys – The odds are someone in your mixed group isn’t doing the helicopter tour, tossing a wrench in everyone’s day.  You’ll be dropped off at the airport, while the rest go into the park.  Both groups end up waiting, wasting valuable time.

Sunset and Stargazing Option

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The National Park Service has announced that the Grand Canyon National Park has officially received its International Dark Sky Park certification. 

Our Approach – We adjust our pick-up time, so you leave later.   

SUMMER: From the Phoenix area, Approx. 1PM pick-up (rather than 7AM), 12:30AM return.  Sedona area, 3PM (rather than 9AM), 11:30PM return.  

WINTER:  From the Phoenix area, Approx. 11AM pick-up (rather than 7AM), 10:30PM return.  Sedona area, 1PM (rather than 9AM), 11:30PM return.  

todds amazing tours arizona toursDeparture times VARY throughout the year.  We will contact you by email with your actual departure time.

While there are several places to take in the dark, glowing sky, we focus on the more remote overlooks.  Typically, they’re less crowded.

While the entire Park is “Dark Sky” certified, we’ve found that the further away from the historic village, the better.  Many of the remote overlooks don’t have a light bulb within 20 miles.  However, it’s incredible the intense glow that can emanate from a cell phone… 

The remote overlooks offer seclusion, which is perfect for stargazing.

The Other Guys – Simply, most tour companies don’t offer a tour after dark.  Also, the mixed group tours depend on “seat volume”.  Simply, filling seats.  While AMAZING, most visitors want to go during the day.

Of course your family/group isn’t restrained by these limitations.